Review: Love Me Tomorrow by Ethan Day

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Title: Love Me Tomorrow
Author: Ethan Day
Cover Artist: Wilde City Press
Publisher: Wilde City Press
Reviewer: Monika
Genre: Contemporary
Type: Romance
Pairing: Genderqueer
Length: Novel
Heat Rating3 Stars
Book Rating3 Stars (3 / 5)

This book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review


Event planner Levi Goode is positioned to inherit the newly vacated throne, becoming the in-demand party planner for Wilde City’s elite. Years of hard work and perseverance are finally paying off as Levi lands his next big fish, working with socialite Julia Freeman-Kingsley. Distracted by work and dealing with his head strong mother, an ex-Vegas-showgirl suffering from debilitating health issues, Levi has his hands full. Time for love or even the occasional one-night stand, is one aspect of life Levi hasn’t been able to master.

Sparks of interest fly during a chance meeting with a paramedic called to the aid of his mother, and thanks to Ruby’s meddling, Levi finds himself on a movie-date with the handsome Paramedic Jake. Personal and professional worlds collide when Levi realizes his new love interest is actually Jake Freeman, estranged brother to his brand new client. Discovering the man of his dreams already has a boyfriend, leaves Levi stunned realizing any hopes he had for something more with Jake were never going to be anything more than wishful thinking.

Struggling to downshift his expectations and remain friends with Jake while continuing to work closely with Julia quickly consumes all of his time and attention. Wondering if there will ever be a special someone to love him, is where Levi’s love story begins.


I look forward to reading stories by Ethan Day, he’s one of my auto buys. Like his other books I couldn’t wait to sit down, get comfortable and immerse myself in something that I knew would make me smile. I was surprised and disappointed when that didn’t happen right away.

I did like the story. I loved all the characters, the dialogue is snarky and fun and the chemistry between the MCs is perfect. There isn’t any insta-love or insta-lust but there is an immediate attraction between Levi and Jake. Their romance is a slow and delightful burn and there is just the right amount of angst before the MCs get their HEA.

So what went wrong that made me give it a 3 star rating? Well, the first few chapters of the book are slow. There is way too much written about the town. Descriptions that seemed to go on and on, so much so that it almost made my eyes glaze over and my mind to wonder. It took too long to get the meat of the story which is Levi and Jake’s struggle to be together. Once the story finally got to that point though I couldn’t put the book down. The middle of the story is perfect and is what I’ve come to expect from Ethan Day. The guys are happy, I’m happy and Levi and Jake’s story gave me the warm and fuzzies. Unfortunately it ends like it began, it dragged and sadly I found myself skimming most of the epilogue.

I still recommend this story. Ethan Day writes great characters and the guys in this one make it worth the read.