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Title: All That You Can't Leave Behind
Author: Kirby Quinlan
Cover Artist: Kirby Quinlan
Publisher: KQ Press
Reviewer: Monika
Genre: Contemporary
Type: Romance
Pairing: Gay
Length: Novel
Heat Rating3 Stars
Book Rating2 Stars (2 / 5)

This book was provided by the Promoter/Marketer in exchange for a honest review.


Let go of the past. Live in the moment. The future will take care of itself.

Tailor Sway is a professional organizer on the brink of divorce. When he is hired to appear on a reality TV show called “Hoarded Houses”, he has three days to help a collector of Christmas decorations clean up her property before it’s condemned by local authorities.

Everything is going according to Tailor’s carefully laid plans. That is, until Brayzen Mapleridge, a mega-famous pop singer known for his wild, daredevil antics, shows up.

Forced to pay for a recent stunt which has turned into a serious legal matter, Brayzen is given the opportunity to avoid jail time by doing some hard labor in front of the cameras. But, it’s not an easy thing to do while being chased by all who trail in the wake of a major celebrity. Is Brayzen sincere about helping, or is it all just part of a well-crafted publicity campaign?

Despite some initial clashes between Tailor’s uptight determination and Brayzen’s carefree attitude, the two develop an unlikely partnership that quickly blossoms into a sizzling attraction.

But, Tailor’s unresolved conflict with his husband, Grant, an emotionally scarred veteran of the Iraq War, still looms in the background amidst a whirlwind of TV cameras, relentless paparazzi, eager fans, and scathing headlines. Despite all these complications, will it be Brayzen’s own meddling mother who puts the brakes on their steamy love affair for good?

At times sexy, laugh-out-loud funny, and tragically heartbreaking; this erotic tale of love, loss and letting go promises to give you a front-row seat on Tailor and Brayzen’s crazy, romantic rollercoaster ride. Strap yourself in!


This is another review that’s difficult to write because in order to explain why I feel the way I do about this story I have to give too much away and I won’t do that, not even by hiding it in a spoiler. So I’m left with trying to explain without giving to many specifics. I’ll give this a try and hope it makes sense.

Tailor is that guy you call if you are in need of organization, he’s even on a tv show helping people get their places and lives in order. Brazyen is a musician that got himself into some trouble with the law and part of his punishment is working with Tailor to fulfill his community service. After a less than stellar first meeting they do hit it off and I thought they were a great couple with lots of chemistry. One major road block for these guys is that Tailor is married and not willing to act on his feelings for Brazyen.

I really wanted to like this story but unfortunately it just didn’t work for me. Tailor and Brayzen are great main characters and some of the secondary characters are interesting even the story premise is a good one but and there is a very big but….so much went wrong. I did like this story until the 25% mark then one paragraph made the whole story fall apart for me. “How many years has it been now? It’s been a while. Poor Brayzen. I mean it’s no wonder he flaked out these past few years. Sneaking that pet monkey he had on the plane to Germany, exposing himself, getting in trouble with the law.” First of all, is this story really about Justin Bieber and the name has just been changed? Because not that long ago it was in the news about Justin Bieber trying to get his monkey on a plane in Germany, along with all is other troubles that sound very similar to Brayzen, it didn’t help that Brayzen is also a musician. That paragraph took it one step to far for me, add in the fact the writing doesn’t flow and at times sounds stilted. There were places the story read like bullet points rather than a smooth flowing sentences. One other major problem I had with this story was Tailor’s husband. That man was one big hot mess and what the author does with him annoyed me to no end!

I really do think there could be something here and with a lot of reworking it could potentially be a good story but as it stands it just it just didn’t work for me.