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Title: Reunited
Author: Victoria Zagar
Cover Artist: Posh Gosh
Publisher: Totally Bound Publishing
Reviewer: Jay
Genre: Paranormal
Type: Romance
Pairing: Gay
Length: Novelette
Heat Rating4 Stars
Book Rating5 Stars (5 / 5)

This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review


Peter had thought that Oliver was gone forever, but fate offers him one last chance to reunite with the man he loved and lost.

Peter’s undergoing chemotherapy for cancer. Dazed and confused, he finds himself at a community center he once frequented a long time ago. Going inside, he meets his old friend Oliver. There’s one problem—Oliver’s been dead for twenty-two years, lost to the ravages of AIDS in 1992. Suddenly the impossible has become possible, giving Peter a second chance with a man he had thought lost to him forever.

Peter finally admits his feelings for Oliver, long hidden beneath layers of denial and grief. Oliver owns up to the reckless mistakes he made in life, the drugs and casual sex that led to his untimely demise. Unfurling the mysteries of how they have come to be reunited, Peter and Oliver embark on a weird and wonderful journey through their past and present lives, embracing the whirlwind romance they could only dream of when Oliver lay dying.


Peter lost the love of his love 22 years ago in 1992 when Oliver succumbed to HIV and AIDS. When Oliver answered Peter’s ad for a housemate they appeared to have nothing in common. Peter was a straight laced accountant and Oliver was a bad boy having had brushes with the law. When the HIV diagnosis came Oliver was abandoned by everyone but Peter who cared and fell for Oliver during his remaining days. After the loss of Oliver, Peter hit rock bottom and was forced into living on the streets. Peter got is his life back on track taking a job at a Marks and Spencer retail store. Here Peter met his wife and over time fathered a daughter, but his first love never left his heart and mind.

Peter gets a second chance with Oliver after he himself succumbs to illness. Here in an alternate reality Oliver has been waiting for Peter all this time. It is here that these two men are able to address the things they left unsaid and the feelings they held bottled up inside. It is also here that Peter is able to let go of his life, move on, and where Peter and his daughter are allowed to say goodbye.

In a short story Victoria Zagar has given us a glimpse into her artistic view of an afterlife. The story is about a second chance for these two men in a realm that allows them to be happy without fear and prejudice. She has given us a lighthearted story where two men seize the second chance they are given for an eternity of love. So if you are ready for a light short read that gives you a HEA, I guess it really is forever in this case, then don’t let Reunited pass you by.