Jay Chase

A little about Jay… Jay works for corporate America during the day and spends his free time with his partner of eighteen years and his two grown sons, when they have time for their dads. They have two cats and live in upstate NY. He has been a reader all his life. Until about three years ago he was a murder, thriller, suspense reader. While he still picks up a Dean Koontz or John Saul novel once in a while he is hooked on M/M Romance. Typically after the daily chores are done, and Monika and Jay aren’t gabbing, he is found with his nose in a book.

Lynn Baker

Lynn Baker is a passionate reader of all genres. She loves pushing her reading boundaries and discovering new authors. She will admit to having a soft spot for cowboys, shifters, and great angst reads. When she’s not reading or writing, Lynn is can be found watching She-Ra with her kids, cheering them on at their sporting events, or trying to sneak alone time with her husband. Always looking for an opportunity to chat about books, you can email Lynn at lynn_baker1(at)hotmail(dot)com

Monika Vig

Monika Vig is an avid reader and book collector from western Canada. She wandered into M/M fandom with wide eyes and an open mind. A romantic at heart, she enjoys her man love with a side of angst, a dash of realism and a nice helping of Happy Ever After. When she doesn’t have her nose in a book, whether for work or pleasure, she’s either gabbing with her BFF Jay, watching Hockey or Basketball with her kid or trying to figure out how to get to a Jays game (that’s baseball, for those who just said “wat?”). She’s always looking for a new book to read and she loves making new friends who equally love books and discussing them. You can contact Monika at mivg56(at)gmail(dot)com.

Sean Norris

Sean Norris is a founder of World of Diversity Fiction reviewing site. Sean loves to read outside of his comfort zone. Ever since he becomes an author as Zach Sweets, he wants to share his love with other readers and writers by writing the honest reviews. He has a soft heart for horror and thriller stories. Deciding on founding the World of Diversity Fiction, he wants to expand his comfort zone by reading variety of sexual orientations. When he is not reading, he is spending his time with his husband-to-be and their miniatures schnauzer dog, Pepper. You can contact Sean at snorris(dot)reviewer(at)gmail(dot)com.